I thought we could check out Warhammer 40k’s Fantasy cousin today in the Cosplay world. We must not forget about Warhammer Fantasy Cosplay. Check out this nice set from Dragonika.


My team and I are Larpers. Since 2009 we’ve been making Warhammer Greenskins costumes for Larp.

Our costumes must be mobile, durable and shockproof, because it’s really rough Larping in Russia with fiberglass and metal weapons. Especially masks. I have my own workshop where I and my team make our stuff (or other stuff for sale.)

I make masks from 3+ layers of fabric+ epoxy (fiberglass). Then I made modeling from cold welding (epoxy plastic). Horns and other stuff like dat I make from latex. Other parts (armor, orcs bodies and ect) I make the same way + metal, leather and latex of course.

This is My 4th orc warboss costume. We no longer use foam rubber to make orcs bodies because its not durable and REALLY HOT (and we must be in costumes fighting ummies for 10 hours a day!), so we made a plastic cuirass in the form of orcish humps, that cover the neck and increase the size by 2-3 times.